Revision History

Here's a rolling list of updates made to the javaxt-rss library.

Version 1.2 (Current Release) 2/14/2018

  • Added ability to create/output an RSS Document. See Feed.toXML() method.
  • Added support for "updated" and "summary" tags.
  • Fixed bug extracting Media from RSS entries.
  • Updated the date parser to support timezone offset is specified in "+/-HH:mm". Example: "2018-01-17T01:00:35+07:00"
  • Updated Date parser to use the javaxt.utils.Date class if it is available. Falls back to the native Date parser if the javaxt-core is not found.
  • Updated the storage of lat/lon coordinates to BigDecimal values in the Location class.
  • Removed Item.getNodeList() method.

Version 1.1 12/30/2011

  • Removed dependencies on javaxt-core and javaxt-gis.

Version 1.0 11/16/2009

  • Initial public release.