FileAttributes Class

Used to encapsulate extended file attributes. On unix and linux machines, this class is used to parse the output from ls. On windows, this class uses a JNI to return WIN32_FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DATA:
    typedef struct _WIN32_FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DATA {
      DWORD dwFileAttributes;
      FILETIME ftCreationTime;
      FILETIME ftLastAccessTime;
      FILETIME ftLastWriteTime;
      DWORD nFileSizeHigh;
      DWORD nFileSizeLow;


FileAttributes( String path )

Public Methods

getSize( ) returns long
getCreationTime( ) returns java.util.Date
getLastAccessTime( ) returns java.util.Date
getLastWriteTime( ) returns java.util.Date
isDirectory( ) returns boolean
isHidden( ) returns boolean
isReadOnly( ) returns boolean
getFlags( ) returns java.util.HashSet<String>
getLink( ) returns