IPTC Fields with Hex Values

Here's a list of known IPTC Fields and thier corresponding hex values. This list was assembled from multiple websites and may not be complete or accurate. Please email me if you would like to contribute to this list or can point me to a more comprehensive resource.

FieldHex ValueType
Destination 0x0105 String
File Format 0x0114 UShort
Service Identifier 0x011E String
Envelope Number 0x0128 String
Product I.D. 0x0132 String
Date Sent 0x0146 Date
Time Sent 0x0150 Time
Record Version 0x0200
Object Type Reference 0x0203 String Array (":" delimited)
Object Attribute Reference 0x0204 String Array (":" delimited)
Title 0x0205 String
Edit Status 0x0207 String
Editorial Update 0x0208
Urgency 0x020A
Subject Reference 0x020C
Category 0x020F String
Supplemental Category 0x0214 String
Fixture Identifier 0x0216 String
Keywords 0x0219 String
Content Location Code 0x021A String
Content Location Name 0x021B String
Release Date 0x021E Date
Release Time 0x0223 Time
Expiration Date 0x0225 Date
Expiration Time 0x0226 Time
Special Instructions 0x0228 String
Action Advised 0x022A
Reference Service 0x022D
Reference Date 0x022F
Reference Number 0x0232
Date Created 0x0237 Date
Time Created 0x023C Time
Digital Creation Date 0x023E Date
Digital Creation Time 0x023F Time
Originating Program 0x0241 String
Program Version 0x0246 String
Object Cycle 0x024B
Byline 0x0250 String
Byline Title 0x0255 String
City 0x025A String
Sublocation 0x025C String
Province/State 0x025F String
Country Code 0x0264 String
Country 0x0265 String
Original Transmission Reference 0x0267 String
Headline 0x0269 String
Credit 0x026E String
Source 0x0273 String
Copyright 0x0274 String
Contact 0x0276 String
Caption 0x0278 String
Writer/Editor 0x027A String
Rasterized Caption 0x027D
Image Type 0x0282
Image Orientation 0x0283
Language Identifier 0x0287 String
Audio Type 0x0296
Audio Sampling Rate 0x0297
Audio Sampling Resolution 0x0298
Audio Duration 0x0299
Audio Outcue 0x029A
ObjectData Preview File Format 0x02C8
ObjectData Preview File Format Version 0x02C9
ObjectData Preview Preview Data 0x02CA
Supplemental Categories 0x0607