Driver Class

Used to encapsulate basic driver information used to create a database connection.


public Driver( String vendor, String driver, String protocol )
public Driver( java.sql.Driver driver )


equals( Object obj ) returns boolean
Used to compare drivers by class, protocol, and vendor.
objAccepts either a javaxt.sql.Driver or a String representing the driver class, protocol, or vendor.
findDriver( String driverName ) returns javaxt.sql.Driver
Used to try to find a driver that corresponds to the vendor name, class name, or protocol.
getClassName( ) returns String
Returns the class name used to create a new java.sql.Driver (e.g.
getProtocol( ) returns String
Returns the url protocol used in the jdbc connection string (e.g. jdbc:sqlserver, jdbc:db2, jdbc:sybase, jdbc:postgresql, jdbc:derby).
getVendor( ) returns String
Returns the name the database/vendor (e.g. SQLServer, DB2, Sybase, etc.)
load( ) returns java.sql.Driver
Used to create a new instance of a java.sql.Driver that corresponds to the driver class specified in the constructor.
toString( ) returns String
Returns the name the database/vendor. Same as getVendor()