Field Class

Used to represent a field in a Recordset.


protected Field( int i, java.sql.ResultSetMetaData rsmd )


clone( ) returns javaxt.sql.Field
getClassName( ) returns String
Returns the Java class name that is associated with the column type. For example, most JDBC drivers map VARCHAR columns to a java.lang.String. In this case, the method would return "java.lang.String" for the field class name.
getName( ) returns String
Returns the name of the column associated with this field. Returns null if the column name is unknown.
getTable( ) returns String
Returns the name of the table in which this field is found. Returns null if the table name is unknown.
getType( ) returns String
Returns the column type name (e.g. VARCHAR, INTEGER, BLOB, etc).
getValue( ) returns javaxt.sql.Value
Returns the value for this field.
isDirty( ) returns boolean
Returns true if the value for this field has changed.
toString( ) returns String