ThreadPool Class

Used to spawn threads and execute tasks. Instances of this class should override the process() method which is called by individual threads. Objects (e.g. data) are added to a queue via the add() method. Individual threads wait for data to be added to the queue. As new data is added, it is assigned to a thread to process. The thread, in turn, calls the process() method. The ThreadPool will run indefinitely, unless the done() method is called. The join() method can be used to join the ThreadPool to the caller's thread. Example:

      //Instantiate thread pool
        int numThreads = 2;
        ThreadPool pool = new ThreadPool(numThreads){
            public void process(Object obj){
                //Do something!

      //Start the thread

      //Add tiles to the pool
        for (int i : new int[]{1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10}){

      //Notify the pool that we have finished added records

      //Wait for threads to finish



public ThreadPool( int numThreads, Integer maxPoolSize )
public ThreadPool( int numThreads )


add( Object object ) returns int
Used to add an object to the pool to process
done( ) returns void
Used to notify the threads that we are done adding objects to the pool and to exit when ready
exit( ) returns void
Called when a thread is being disposed
get( String key ) returns Object
Returns a variable for an individual thread
getQueue( ) returns java.util.List
Returns a handle to the job queue. Use with care. Be sure to add a synchronized block when processing or iterating through items in the queue.
join( ) returns void
Used to wait for threads to complete
process( Object obj ) returns void
Called whenever a thread gets an object to process
set( String key, Object value ) returns void
Used to set a variable for an individual thread
start( ) returns javaxt.utils.ThreadPool
Used to initialize threads in the pool