SoapRequest Class

Used to execute a web service request using XML/SOAP over HTTP.


public SoapRequest( javaxt.webservices.Service service, javaxt.webservices.Method method, Object parameters )


addHeader( String key, String value ) returns void
Used to add a Request Property to the HTTP header (e.g. "User-Agent").
getBody( ) returns String
Returns the raw XML sent to the web service.
getResponse( ) returns javaxt.webservices.SoapResponse
Used to execute the web service method specified in the constructor and returns a response from the server.
setCredentials( String username, String password ) returns void
setHeader( String key, String value ) returns void
Used to set a Request Property in the HTTP header (e.g. "User-Agent").
setNumRedirects( int maxRedirects ) returns void
Sets the maximum number of redirects to follow. By default, this number is set to 5.
setPassword( String password ) returns void
setProxy( String httpProxy ) returns
Used to set the http proxy.
setProxy( httpProxy ) returns void
Used to set the http proxy as needed.
setProxy( String proxyHost, int proxyPort ) returns
Used to set the http proxy.
setUseCache( boolean useCache ) returns void
Sets the header associated with cache-control. If true, the protocol is allowed to use caching whenever it can. If false, the protocol must always try to get a fresh copy of the object. By default, the useCache variable is set to false.
setUserName( String username ) returns void
validateSSLCertificates( boolean validateCertificates ) returns void
Used to enable/disable certificate validation for HTTPS Connections. Note that this is set to false by default.