Polygon Class

Basic Structure for storing polygons


public Polygon( )
public Polygon( javaxt.geospatial.geometry.Point[] Points )
public Polygon( javaxt.geospatial.geometry.Points Points )


addPoint( javaxt.geospatial.geometry.Point Coordinate ) returns void
Used to append a point to an array of points
getName( ) returns String
getPoints( ) returns javaxt.geospatial.geometry.Point[]
Used to retrieve the Points that compose the Polygon
getSRS( ) returns String
setSRS( String srsName ) returns void
toGML( ) returns String
Used to convert a line to GML (xml fragment)
toString( ) returns String
Used to return a Well-known Text (WKT) representation of the polygon.
toString( String CoordinateSeparator, String TupleSeparator ) returns String
Used to convert a line to a String