Item Class

Used to represent an entry in an RSS feed.


public Item( )
public Item( String title, link, java.util.Date date )
protected Item( org.w3c.dom.Node item, java.util.HashMap namespaces )


addMedia( javaxt.rss.Media media ) returns void
getAuthor( ) returns String
getCategory( ) returns String
getDate( ) returns java.util.Date
Return the date/time stamp associated with the current entry. Uses the pubDate if it exists. Otherwise, returns dc:date
getDescription( ) returns String
getLink( ) returns
Returns a link/url associated with the current entry. Returns the 'feedburner:origLink' if found. Otherwise returns a url associated with the 'link' node.
getLocation( ) returns javaxt.rss.Location
Returns location information associated with the current entry (e.g. GeoRSS element).
getMedia( ) returns javaxt.rss.Media[]
Returns an array of media items associated with the current entry.
getTitle( ) returns String
setAuthor( String author ) returns void
setCategory( String category ) returns void
setDate( java.util.Date date ) returns void
setDescription( String description ) returns void
setLink( url ) returns void
setLocation( javaxt.rss.Location location ) returns void
setTitle( String title ) returns void
toString( ) returns String