Parameter Class

Used to represent a parameter associated with a web method.


There are no public constructors.

Public Methods

getName( ) returns String
Returns the parameter name.
getType( ) returns String
Returns the parameter type (e.g. string, int, boolean, base64Binary, dateTime, etc).
getValue( ) returns Object
Returns the value set for this parameter. Note that the value returned from this method may vary from what was passed to setValue. Refer to the setValue method for more information.
setValue( Object val ) returns void
Used to set the value for this parameter. If there is a type mismatch between the value and the parameter data type, this method will attempt to convert the value to the correct datatype. For example, if a byte[] array is given for a base64Binary parameter, the array is converted to a base64 encoded string.

This method is intended for parameters with simple types. For complex types, use the getChildren() method and set values for the composite parameters individually. Alternatively, you can pass a properly formed xml fragment (string) which will be used, without modification, in the SOAP/XML request.

valAccepts either an array or a single instance of byte, string, boolean, double, float, int, short, long, decimal, java.util.Date, javaxt.utils.Date,, and
getMaxOccurs( ) returns int
getMinOccurs( ) returns int
isRequired( ) returns boolean
isComplex( ) returns boolean
getChildren( ) returns Parameter[]
getOptions( ) returns Option[]
toString( ) returns String