EmailFolder Class

Used to represent an mail folder (e.g. "Inbox", "Sent Items", etc.).


EmailFolder( String folderName, Connection conn )
EmailFolder( Folder folder )

Public Methods

getMessages( int offset, int limit, FieldURI[] additionalProperties, String where, FieldOrder[] sortOrder ) returns Email[]
Returns a shallow representation of email messages found in this folder.
offsetItem offset. 0 implies no offset.
limitMaximum number of items to return.
additionalPropertiesBy default, this method returns a shallow representation messages found in this folder. You can retrieve additional attributes by providing an array of FieldURI (including ExtendedFieldURIs). This parameter is optional. A null value will return no additional or extended attributes.

Static Methods

getMailFolders( Connection conn ) returns Folder[]
Returns an array of folders that contain, or are associated with, email messages (e.g. "Inbox", "Deleted Items", "Drafts", "Junk E-mail", "Outbox", "Sent Items", etc). This is a convenience method and is identical to calling:
new"msgfolderroot", conn).getFolders();