PhysicalAddress Class

Used to represent a physical address for a given contact.


PhysicalAddress( String type )
PhysicalAddress( )

Public Methods

setType( String type ) returns void
Used to set the type or category of address. Note that this field is required.
typeOptions include "Home", "Business", and "Other". Accepts minor varients including "Home Address", "Work", etc.
getType( ) returns String
Returns the type or category of address. Options include "Home", "Business", and "Other".
getStreets( ) returns String[]
Returns the street address as an array.
addStreet( String street ) returns void
Used to add a street address.
setStreet( String street ) returns void
Used to set the street address. Multiple lines can be specified using a "\n" or "\r\n" delimitor.
getCity( ) returns String
setCity( String city ) returns void
getState( ) returns String
setState( String state ) returns void
getCountry( ) returns String
setCountry( String country ) returns void
getPostalCode( ) returns String
setPostalCode( String postalCode ) returns void
toString( ) returns String
Returns a human readable representation of this address.
isEmpty( ) returns boolean
Used to determine whether the address is empty. Returns true if all the address attributes are null.
equals( Object obj ) returns boolean
Used to compare addresses. Performs a simple case insensitive string comparison.
hashCode( ) returns int